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aesthetic education, art education, art school, concepts, education, legislative base, personality, provisions


The purpose of research work is analyze the main provisions of the Modern Art School Concept, to determine the key guidelines and the main content of the modern art school’s educational process, proposed by the authors of the document. Tasks of research work: to find out the compliance of the Modern Art School Concept main provisions regarding the possibility of its implementation in practice, to comment it. Research methods: analysis of the document «The concept of a modern art school: Order of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine [date: December 20, 2017 ? 1433]»; generalization of the main provisions, the ratio of the document’s main provisions with others (on approval of the Regulations on the art school: Order of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine [date: August 9, 2018 ? 686]; on approval of Methodical recommendations for the development of urban schools’ educational programs: order of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine16.07.2018 ? 633], definition of the main document’s trajectories, comments. Results. The authors of the Modern art school concept divide the document into sections: «Initial art education: traditions and foundations», «Contemporary art school: why changes need?», «Model of modern art school» and «Ways to implement the concept».


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