Factors affecting consumer decisions in the purchase of Honda motorcycles in Tangerang district




consumer decisions, factors, purchase of motorcycles, quantitative descriptive


The research objective is to find out (1). The magnitude of the influence of consumer behavior on motorcycle purchasing decisions. (2). Quality of service on purchasing decisions (3). Effect of product quality on purchasing decisions (4). The effect of product prices on motorcycle purchasing decisions (5). The influence of consumer behavior, service quality. The method uses quantitative descriptive. Primary and secondary data collection techniques. Analysis stepwise with Statistical Product and Service Solution. Conclusion with the results of the study (X1) obtained t count (0.042) < t table (1.660), service quality (X2) obtained t count (2.620) > t table (1.660), product quality (X3) obtained t count (1.356) < t table (1.660), and the price of the product (X4) obtained t count (9.806) > t table (1.660). Thus, the service quality variable (X2) and product price (X4) have a partial effect on purchasing decisions (Y), while consumer behavior variables (X1) and product quality (X3) have no partial effect on purchasing decisions (Y).


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